Development Strategy

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Site Selection

Our development team is extremely selective, carefully reviewing each location to identify projects that best align with our long-term vision. When determining whether an opportunity is suitable for development, we look at market trends, demographics, impact on the community, and evaluate the potential for a strong return on investment.

Before the Build

Our development team takes its time selecting sites and scoping out each location first-hand. After vetting sites, our development team personally oversees the contracts, management, financing, design, and construction of the community. We’re not just creating buildings; we’re investing in a vision.

Quality Assurance

No Timberland Partners’ development is the same, but they each demand a strategic vision and an exceptional team. We collaborate with a select group of trusted contractors and architects, hand-picked by our team to ensure each project meets our high standards.

Construction Oversight

Timberland Partners is involved in every step of the purpose-built construction process — whether we begin with an empty plot of land or a property that needs a refresh, our team sees it through to completion and management.

Finished Product

The finished product is simply the next step in the Timberland Partners chain of progress. The completed development is leased and managed by our exceptional operations team, and the development team remains involved as asset managers while the lease-up is completed and the property stabilizes.

Interested in partnering with our development team?

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