Training, Growth & Recognition

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Mentorship Program

The Timberland Partners Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for new team members to develop the skills, industry knowledge, and confidence needed to grow within their new role. Those selected to participate in this program are paired with a seasoned team member who is an expert in his or her role within the company. Our mentors are champions of the company’s vision and help each new team member gain the skills and experience needed to excel in their current position.

Green Track

The Green Track is a career path program for team members ready to develop and grow professionally at Timberland Partners. This program equips those who are ready to take the next step in their career. The Green Track provides training and hands-on experience for those who want to be prepared when an opportunity for advancement presents itself. This ensures our current team members are ready to step confidently into new positions.

Adapting to a new role always comes with challenges, but the Green Track program makes the transition less daunting. Team members who participate are most successful when they take advantage of all the resources at their disposal — reaching out to various leaders for guidance, learning how to perform tasks and activities, and never hesitating to ask questions.


Our team members work hard to provide exceptional living experiences for our residents and to manage the financial performance of their community. When an individual or team reaches a goal or delivers great results, we celebrate those achievements. Whether it’s during a quarterly conference call or at our annual leadership conference, we honor and recognize team members who are doing extraordinary work.

A.C.E. Award

The Achieving Company Excellence (or A.C.E. Award) is the highest honor in our company. The winners of this award represent the very best in character and the very best in performance. The A.C.E. award represents the finest quality that a Timberland Partners team member can offer. Those nominated represent superior integrity and are experts at their jobs. They exemplify the Timberland Partners’ vision, mission, and guiding principles.

Safety Award

Keeping our team members safe is a top priority. Each year, communities that did not have a reported injury are recognized and rewarded for their commitment to safety.